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Boomerang Nebula Wall Tapestry



Cover your walls in galaxies, nebula's, and stars. The perfect wall hanging for your living space and interiors.

Our wall tapestries are woven from durable polyester threads with hand-sewn finished edges. Available with or without grommets for your preferred hanging method. Featuring vivid colors and crisp lines, these highly unique and versatile tapestries are made for both indoor and indoor/outdoor use. Made and printed in the USA.

Wall tapestries are very versatile and can be used to cover large wall spaces, as colorful room dividers, and even utilized outdoors to provide shade or a decorative piece to liven up your patio. We also feature wall tapestries with metal grommets that will allow you to hang your valuable artwork easily and without damaging the fabric.

Indoor Tapestry
Features: Hemmed edges with a
bright, vibrant print.

Indoor/Outdoor Tapestry
Features: Hemmed edges,
includes brass grommets.

• Soft, lightweight fabric
• indoor/outdoor fabric which is water
and mildew resistant.

Indoor:                          Indoor/Outdoor:
  26” x 36”                     26” x 36”  
  51” x 60”                     50” x 59”
  68” x 80”                     59” x 80”
  88” x 104”

The Boomerang Nebula is a protoplanetary nebula located 5,000 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Centaurus. It is also known as the Bow Tie Nebula and catalogued as LEDA 3074547. The nebula's temperature is measured at 1 K making it the coolest natural place currently known in the Universe.Wikipedia

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